Design for a applique depicting the Last Supper

Inventory number: CVH 511
Bollaert & Moortgat

Design for a appliqué(?) or Guild’s coat of arms in silver, with a depiction of the Last Supper in the cartouche in the centre. The apostles have gathered round the table; Christ is sitting on the front left, beneath a projecting canopy, and the bread is broken, while he turns around slightly; on the table in front of him is the chalice. A person at the back of the scene is serving. The whole scene is set in a frugal interior, with a niche in the rear wall in which the Torah lies. The appliqué itself bears, on the left and right, ears of corn and bunches of grapes and Eucharistic motifs.


Joannes Petrus Antonius Verschuylen




Black ink on sepia paper


321 x 202 mm


Plantin-Moretus-Museum, Antwerp