Two tympan designs

Inventory number: CVH 129/1
Bollaert & Moortgat

Two projects for the decoration of the tympans of palace frontons. The upper one is done in pencil: in the centre is a king sitting on a throne, with lions on either side; on the left are two women and a child turned towards the king in a pleading attitude and situated in a dungeon; on the right is a (law?) scholar who is offering a page to the king. The second project below is a pen and wash drawing: in the centre is a standing inscription 'Describo Mores Hominum'; on the left is a seated figure with a crown in his left hand and a sword in his right, and a child and several crowns next to him; on the right is a figure with books, which bear the inscriptions 'Odyssea', 'Iliade and ...


Gilles Lambert Godecharle




Black ink and pencil on paper


326 x 487 mm

Marks :

Inscription by each figure of the upper tympanum; inscription under central figure of the lower tympanum; inscription on the books of figure right on lower tympanum; inscription under each group of figures, at the bottom edge of the lower tympanum.


Plantin-Moretus-Museum, Antwerp