Pulpit from St. Paul’s Church in Antwerp

Inventory number: CVH 24
Bollaert & Moortgat

Depiction of a bust with a tiara behind its head. Two other panels have the heads of an ox and an eagle (symbols of the Evangelist). Four female figures, standing and depicted full-length, are supporting the basin. Two angels on the upper edge of the basin function as caryatids, supporting the sounding board which, in fact, is hanging; in the centre of the sounding board the Holy Ghost is depicted as a dove. Drawn on the right-hand side of the sheet is the floor plan of the pulpit, with a scale indication given below (this half of the sheet is folded back).


anonymous (Antwerp)




Watercolour; black ink on paper


274 x 404 mm

Marks :

Inscription in the centre of the original design of the pulpit; inscription on the reverse.


Plantin-Moretus-Museum, Antwerp