Measurements of the high altar of the Recolette Franciscans’ Church in Antwerp

Inventory number: CVH 423
Bollaert & Moortgat

Measurements of the high altar of the Recollect Franciscans’ Church in Antwerp: a tall baroque altar with a forced open fronton, in the middle of which stands Our Lady, on the crescent of the moon and the serpent, with a cross and a palm in her hand, and with a garland of stars behind her head; to the left and right of her sits an evangelist who bends towards her. A big space is left vacant in the centre of the altar, for mounting a painting in; standing, to the left and right of that, are Franciscan saints, above a side door with a door panel in it. In the middle underneath the altar: a niche (for an image of a saint?). Drawn underneath the upright partition of the altar is part of the ground plan, plus a graduated scale.


J.H. Altenrath




Watercolour; black ink on paper


614 x 383 mm

Marks :

Inscription on various parts of the right side of the altar and on the reverse.


Plantin-Moretus-Museum, Antwerp