Design for the "Engelenpoort" (Angels’ Gate) of St. Augustine’s Church in Tienen

Inventory number: CVH 310
Bollaert & Moortgat

Design for the Angel’s Gate of St. Augustine’s Church in Tienen. The gate is divided into three horizontal levels; depicted, at the top, in a semicircular field, are some putti with, on the left, a bishop’s mitre and, on the right, a crosier; the drawing of the putti continues in the field just below that; this midfield is filled with hovering putti , some of whom, on the left, have hold of a burning heart and, on the right, books; two panels appear in the bottom level: on the left we see St. Augustine as an orator (?) and, on the right, pictured next to the baby (Jesus) at the coast. Portrayed, in the middle of the gate, are three female figures: at the top, Faith (plus a cross and chalice), in the middle Hope (with an anchor, and, at the bottom, Love (a breastfeeding mother with her children).


Abraham van Diepenbeeck




Chalk, sanguine, black chalk and black ink on paper


311 x 193 mm

Marks :

Signature on the lower edge; inscription right on the lower edge; inscription on the reverse.


Plantin-Moretus-Museum, Antwerp